Guys, I know you're making predictions so here is some basic info.

Team Amazon: Heather, Gwen, Sadie, Katie, Lindsay, Leshawna, Trent, Noah, and Cody.

Team Chris: Alejandro, Duncan, Geoff, DJ, Ezekiel, Tyler, Bridgette, Courtney, and Eva.

If I do not mention a name, that means they are NOT in this season as competitors. They are eighteen contestants, and only eighteen, not nineteen, or seventeen, eighteen.

Sierra is not a competitor, she is an intern. The interns for this season are Sierra, Dakota, Anne Maria, Jo, Brick, Cameron, Sam, and Lightning. They do NOT compete. Just to set the record straight, to anyone wondering about teams, they are clearly placed on the home page, the posters, the character pages, etc. It is right there with the color distinguish. I didn't have red and blue to make it look pretty, I made it to distinguish the teams. Thank you. For more info, go here.

TDWT Poster

The cast. Blue is Team Chris. Red is Team Amazon.

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