Hi guys! It's Tommy here, and today I'll be starting a blog series devoted entirely to rankings! This blog will focus on my personal and current rankings of the cast of Total Drama Island, minus Chris and Chef. Before I start, let me warn you that I like to get off topic sometimes, so sorry! Okay, let's get started! :D


Justin TDI

The Eye-Candy

22. Justin - Oh my gosh, he was so boring this season. He had spoke in TWO episodes and practically WAS the background in his very short run. While his villainous actions in the special had the potential to foreshadow a very cool villain in TDA, he was reduced to a lazy scum bag. Which was funny, but having him a villain was not. Why am I talking about TDA? Oh yeah, BECAUSE JUSTIN BARELY DID ANYTHING IN TDI. Yeah yeah yeah, eye-candy. I give Justin the score of 2.5/10.

Ezekiel TDI

The Home-schooled Reject

21. Ezekiel - Okay, I don't really care for this guy, although I did feel bad for his future. Anyways, a sexist home-schooled guy, I don't find that interesting. I found his insanely short run a breeze even though the first two episodes of TDI I HATED! Well, he was very forgettable, Justin had more depth than him in my opinion. The only reason Zeke is higher than Justin because at least he had some lines. And I found his appearance in Haute Camp-ture very annoying. I give Ezekiel the score of 3/10.


Beth TDI

The Wannabe

20. Beth - I really don't find anything interesting about this character AT ALL. It was clear from the beginning that Beth was filler, and that Heather and Lindsay controlled the alliance, not Beth. She had the potential to do some drama under Heather's control but that job was left to Lindsay's control, heck Lindsay did everything! And what did Beth get? She stood up to Heather in a supposed to be dramatic scene but I found it a joke. Was she supposed to develop? Anyways, Beth is boring and stale, however, at least she stays true to her stereotype. I give Beth the score of 3.3/10.

Noah TDI

The Brain-ac

19. Noah - Noah was kind of a one time character in TDI. He was silent for most of his already short run, and spoke a lot in the episode that he was eliminated in. So, while I felt his lack of partition kind of annoying, his one-liners were good and they would turn into something more later on. So, I don't hate Noah, but he had too little screentime for me to rank him properly. Although, his appearance in Haute Camp-ture, I enjoyed very much. I give Noah the score of 3.5/10.

Eva Fire

The Female Bully

18. Eva - Let me start off by saying how wasted Eva's character is. She has the potential to be a very bad a** villain and a source of good comedy relief, but her character turned out to be nothing more than a female bully with major anger issues. Really, she is the true definition of one dimensional and her character is only one thing. This is really sad considering how much potential she has. I don't dislike her, but she is very repetitive. I give Eva the score of 3.9/10.

Tyler TDI

The Jock

17. Tyler - This character has grown on me, but his TDI role is less than special. A background character that was supposed to be a jock, and failed, and was dumb. Was he supposed to be funny? Because I didn't find him funny this season. I liked his relationship with Lindsay because they were like the perfect couple but it was barely used. Well, at least Tyler had lines during his short run. I give Tyler the score of 4/10.

Harold TDI

The Dweeb

16. Harold - Harold was kind of a wild card this season. It was clear that as the merge got closer, Duncan, Geoff, DJ, Bridgette, and Courtney were merging, the wildcards? Harold and Sadie. I want to start off with Harold. He was a dweeb in his own right but proved valuable in the early challenges. As time went on, he drifted into the background and was very forgettable. I found it very irritating for Duncan and Geoff to pick on Harold so often. I mean, it was just a very annoying subplot. And then in a shocking elimination, we found out that Harold just cannot hold a grudge! He cheated the system and that made me hate him. Well, he was eliminated next, so see ya. I give Harold the score of 4.8/10.

Sadie Mad


15. Sadie - Now we're on to Sadie. In my opinion, the more forgettable part of the duo. Like Harold, it was clear after Tyler's elimination that they were the next two eliminated. And during that time from Tyler's elimination to hers, she could have very easily developed. But instead, she remained silent and had no plot to episodes 8-10. We finally got to see more of her, and guess what? She was eliminated. I'm very neutral with Sadie, but Courtney getting her eliminated FOR DOING THE CHALLENGE is very bogus. Anyways, I prefer Katie more over Sadie. I give Sadie the score of 5.4/10.


The Brickhouse

14. DJ - Ah, our first merger. Well, not counting Eva. So, I really did not find anything interesting about DJ compared to Duncan, Geoff, Bridgette, and Courtney. He was just there, like a big brother but was mostly in the background. I really don't think he deserved to merge, let alone outrank three people (Trent, Bridgette, Lindsay) that had MUCH more plot than him. Really, I just find him boring and nothing else. A relationship with someone might have helped. I give DJ the score of 5.5/10.

Izzy TDI

The Psycho Hose Beast

13. Izzy - Our second merger has fallen. Izzy is actually a very random character with one purpose, cheap comedy relief. She did her job well, however her crazy antics I didn't overly enjoy. I personally think that she is a fan favorite and that Izzy's return was a breath of fresh air. We got to see her develop her relationship with Owen, and for some reason, be in Heather's alliance. Overall, Izzy is a breath of fresh air anywhere. I give Izzy the score of 5.8/10.

Katie Mad

The Sweet Girl

12. Katie - I honestly do not know why Katie is so high on this list. Hm, maybe because I liked her better than Sadie? Even if that, she was still a background character. I felt the only episode she dominated was Dodgebrawl, and that's not saying much. I don't know why, but I just like Katie better than Sadie. I give Katie the score of 5.9/10.


Cody TDI

The Geek

11. Cody - I liked Cody, I really did, he was cool. I didn't find him boring or overkill. But what I didn't like was his short run. I would have loved to see more of Cody, but never got to this season. His plot with Gwen was actually kind of funny in my opinion, and effective. It helped develop Gwen's character to expand from her goth shell and more into a motherly figure. Well, that is until the boyfriend kissing started. Anyways, Cody overall is a good character, he would have ranked higher but he was eliminated early compared to the people above him. I give Cody the score of 6/10.

Geoff TDI

The Party Dude

10. Geoff - Geoff is that guy that brings out the immature party side in you. He always knew what to say and made people happy, I liked it. His relationship with Bridgette felt very natural and possibly the most natural relationship on Total Drama. He just seemed very fun to be around with, and lasted a long way. So, I'm happy with Geoff. His friendships with the guys felt very natural as well. I give Geoff the score of 7/10.