Now before you're wondering, World Tour is still in the works but while it's in the works, I thought I'd show you guys next season's audition tapes. I made new character designs and personalities for our thirteen contestants. We'll start from the end of the alphabet, meaning, Zoey. I'll go from girl boy. So the order will be Zoey, Scott, Staci, Sam, Jo, Mike, Dawn, Lightning, Dakota, Cameron, Anne Maria, Brick, and B. This is so that you get a general taste of their new personalities. THIS TAKES PLACE IN THE SUMMER OF 2011. The AUDITIONS TAKE PLACE DURING THE SPRING OF 2011.


Zoey's Badge 2

A brown haired girl sits down on her large pink couch, and begins adjusting the camera. All around her are posters of K-POP idols. Meaning Korean Pop as she is Korean. All from the mid 2000's to 2011, they were a lot of posters. She finishes adjusting her camera and turns it out, smiling at the camera and making a V sign with her index and middle fingers. "Hello there producers of Total Drama! My name is Zoey, well, my American name is. My real name is Taeyeon and I absolutely adore that name. But being called Zoey is easier." She makes a heart with her hands than acts extremely cute while in front of the camera. "So, as you can see, I really love my K-POP idols very very much. I wish to become one someday, and Total Drama will be the first chapter of my success. I mean look at me, I'm gorgeous and with my charisma and charm, Canada will soon be taken hostage by the Korean Wave and see how extraordinary I am!" She than makes another V sign and begins to play a K-POP song, dancing to the beat, and eventually knocking the camera down. The last thing picked up was "Whoops."


Scott's Badge

A black haired boy brushes dirt off of his vest rather aggressively. his entire body was coated in dust, dirt, manure, you name it. He was standing in a farm and than yelled at a cow to scram. "Scram Betsy! OUT!" The poor cow walked out, obviously frightened. Another person stood in the barn, a girl with pigtails and while in better condition than her brother, it wasn't worth bragging about. She turns on the camera and the black haired boy begins speaking in a hoarse tone. "Alright, let me make this clear to you Total Drama producers. I am no joke, you WILL pick me for this season. My intentions are secrets that you will NEVER find. And if you do NOT accept this audition, I will personally make sure Death will befall on you, and your families. Slow, painful, torturous, your own skull being ripped in half, crunch like a carrot. Oozing green pus from your now moldy skin to the extent where it's -" The camera runs out of battery and it thankfully stops at what would have been an extremely painfully detailed method of torture.


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