19thLindsay her team refused to let her hang out with the other team same for tyler however they didn't listen and lindsays team lost and they killed(voted) off juliet(lindsay) before romeo(tyler) could get time with her bottom two:lindsay and noah

18thDuncan sadie convinced everyone that there was a love triangle (using the same people as in the real show but they weren't really in this fanon)  turning DJ Geoff Bridgette Courtney Alejandro and Tyler all against him thus causing his elimination bottom 2:tyler and dunan

17thLeshawna Sadie lost the challenge but then tried convincing everyone leshawna sabotaged her and she was the new heather getting katies noahs codys and even heathers vote while gwen and trent trusted her so rather voted for sadie but it failed and leshawna left the show bottom two:sadie and leshawna

16thTyler no one trusted he was good for the team after the lindsay incedent though he got away with one elimination it was because no one thought duncan did the right thing tyler failed to listen to the team causing him to be saved the first time but lost second time bottom two:tyler and alejandro

15thGwen Sadie convinced everyone not to trust her except cody and trent for stealing courtneys girlfriend protecting courtney complaining everyone was insane she had to be a bad person thus causing gwens elimination bottom two:sadie and gwen

14thEva sadie reminded everyone of evas past actions though eva has now changed sadie convinced them she would never change eva then gets mad for being booted off that and ends up beating her team reverting to her old self since its not like they would care anyways bottom two:Courtney and Eva

13thKatie sadie was getting distracted being scared of katie finding out upset she didn't talk to her much anymore so rather then going back to her old self in TDI she got rid of her by convincing trent cody and heather to vote for her  bottom two:sadie and katie

12thDJ based ff of the promotional photo i am assuming the curse is in this FF also i think his team will get annoyed by the curse and vote him out telling him on the bright side he won't be going across the world killing animals anymore causing him to be happy with being voted off but they threw him out before he could dance because they were so sick of him bottom two:DJ and Ezekiel

11thTrent Sadie convinced everyone he would be ok with it because he'd get to be with gwen which was a lie she saw him as a threat and he was determined to win it and also known she really tricked everyone into doing it knowing her position so she had to get rid of him bottom two:sadie and trent

10thEzekiel sadie once again kept on insisting to the teams past actions on a changed person so ezekiel was eliminated but was satisfied with being in the top 10 bottom two:ezekiel and courtney

9thHeather sadie reminds cody of her rivalry with gwen and if he wants gwen to be her boyfriend he should keep her satisfied and reminds noah that she was the first season antagonist forming a big alliance to get rid of heather bottom two:sadie and heather

Merge (beth returns due to winning aftermayhem)

8thAlejandro Sadie threw him off his game causing him to drop his bride(courtney) causing her to vote him off while beth wacthed and known sadie was bad but alejandro was her puppet and sadie was immune it was threatening for her to have an ally she also got geoff cody and noah to know what sadie was up to convincing them easily also reminding them sadie was immune so they should get rid of alejandro to leave her without allies and she goes next so al was out immune:sadie and cody bottom 2:alejandro and beth

7thSadie she didn't have immunity cody fund out she booted gwen so hes voting her off back beth and noah have a alliance to get rid of beth because while in the aftermath beth was able to find out the main boss bad guy geoff voted her off because he heard her next target was bridgette and he didn't want to take the risk of seperating from bridgette again therefore beth eliminated the main antagonist bottom two:beth and sadie immune:geoff

6thGeoff bridgette and geoffs relationship caused them to always have 2 votes meaning the other contestants couldn't keep them or they would become big threats if they made it just to the next two episodes then they would have enough votes to always tie and they didn't like how they always voted together geoff seemed like a bigger threat since he made it to the final 6 in TDI bridgette got tenth and they tied the next season bottom two:bridgette and geoff immune:beth

5thBridgette they voted her off because beth thought of how sad she was and wanted her to get what she wanted she voted her off so she could be with geoff noah wasn't getting along with her very much and cody decided she was on the opposite team so she may have been one of the few to have voted for gwen immune:courtney

4thBeth everyone was scared she'd win because she won last season so voted her off bottom two:courtney and beth immune:cody

3rdCourtney she tried using cody as a slave to take her to the finale but noah won then cody made it right before her causing her to go crazy about how hard she tried and ends up failing cody betrays her kinda like cam and jo in the real show

2ndNoah that's right noah get's second he wasn't very athletic but he got lucky each contestant had some random reason to be voted off a long time ago since he never won a challenge solo i believe tghis honestly even if this is a prediction but can still picture it happening

1stCody cody ultimately wins TDWT but he doesn't spend the money on what he planned he tried paying gwen the grand prize to go out with him and even at that gwen refuses trying to tell him they will never happen

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