(pattern is female then male is what i think) 18th Lindsey is so dumb that she forgets to do the chalenge

17th Duncan quit

16th Leshawna was manipulated by Alejandro

15th DJ quit

14th Heather there was a alliance to get rid of her

13th Alejandro everyone found out his lies that he used against lewshawna him convincing dj to feel better and convincing everyone to get rid of heather (although main antagonist he would probably be replaced especially since the writer likes making more people then screenhogs win)

12thCourtney bossed her team around and annoyed everyone

11thTrent lost the challenge for them with his nine obsession and creeped few out but luckily won back gwen heat developed and became perfect other then his 9 obsession before he also saved gwens life but it got in the way of the challenge

10th Bridgette tyler and eva got sick of ezekiels and geoffs arguing and eva also threatens ezekiel to get rid of her

9th Geoff cried all through the challenge because he missed bridgette

8thGwen Katie Sadie and noah team up to get rid of her because they known she ould be to big of a threat later having both trent and cody on her side

7thCody quit and refused to stay on the show without gwen

6th Tyler (pattern stops) Katie and sadie had their alliance while eva and noah had another alliance tyler allianced with ezekiel sadly for tyler eva and noah planned on tyler as the next leave because they found him annoying and convinced katie to vote him off and sadie always votes with katie

5th Noah Katie and sadie vote for him because they found him rude and got annoyed with him constantly bragging that hes smarter then each other contestant ezekeil heard about them voting for noah and decided the only way to save himself tiebreaker or just leaving the plane was to vote with them

4th Eva Got voted off because ezekiel convinced them to save him and get rid of her

3rd Ezekiel poor ezekeil shouldnt have even tried helping out katie an dsadie because at this point it wasnt worth it all his work trying to save himself for nothing because katie and sadie teamed up to make it to the finals

2nd Sadie lost against sadie deciding she deserved the money more especially since katie never beat her before

1stKatie was given the win by sadie

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