• Superdawnfan

    19thLindsay her team refused to let her hang out with the other team same for tyler however they didn't listen and lindsays team lost and they killed(voted) off juliet(lindsay) before romeo(tyler) could get time with her bottom two:lindsay and noah

    18thDuncan sadie convinced everyone that there was a love triangle (using the same people as in the real show but they weren't really in this fanon)  turning DJ Geoff Bridgette Courtney Alejandro and Tyler all against him thus causing his elimination bottom 2:tyler and dunan

    17thLeshawna Sadie lost the challenge but then tried convincing everyone leshawna sabotaged her and she was the new heather getting katies noahs codys and even heathers vote while gwen and trent trusted her so rather voted for…

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  • Superdawnfan

    (pattern is female then male is what i think) 18th Lindsey is so dumb that she forgets to do the chalenge

    17th Duncan quit

    16th Leshawna was manipulated by Alejandro

    15th DJ quit

    14th Heather there was a alliance to get rid of her

    13th Alejandro everyone found out his lies that he used against lewshawna him convincing dj to feel better and convincing everyone to get rid of heather (although main antagonist he would probably be replaced especially since the writer likes making more people then screenhogs win)

    12thCourtney bossed her team around and annoyed everyone

    11thTrent lost the challenge for them with his nine obsession and creeped few out but luckily won back gwen heat developed and became perfect other then his 9 obsession before he also s…

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