• Drfizwuz997xlol

    Since SuperDawn fan did one I thought I should to, the plots looks exicting and are there teams yet? Idk?

    17.Ezekiel-He is annoying Brigette with him keep trying to get with her. She keeps on refusing nicly but just can't take it anymore and converices the team to vote her off.

    16.Eva-She seems to be the worthless female. She needs a couple of episodes for her plot to arc but it seems like it can be pretty short. So maybe just maybe she becomes to nice, way to nice anoying everyone and she doesn't like hurting things in challenges. Alejandro convrices his team to blindside her yet Dj trys to keep her in. Eva ends up getting one extra vote and is sadly out.

    15.Cody-His vain personatily leads him to use Sierra to his adavantave. He makes her do…

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