Hello this is Brandon, admin of this wiki along with my friend Tommy (Totaldrama100). In this blog I'd like to discuss my plans for this wiki, and why my plans are to do them. I've added some photos to make this a little bit more entertaining.

Jo Tommy Rank

Uh oh, here we go.

As you may know Tommy has taken a break from wikia for a few weeks or possibly longer, well if he decides to come back. :( So until then I am fully in charge of this wiki (don't worry my plan isn't destroy all users, haha!) And I have noticed that since he has left this wiki has not been as active as it once was, and I would like to change that. Well first, Tommy liked to talk other users because apparently he's social, unlike him I am almost anti-social, and the only person I would pretty much talk to was Tommy. Well here's a little back story, I used to be very outgoing when I was younger, but then I started to get bullied, so I pretty much quiet for the next seven years of my life, luckily thanks to some great friends I broke out of my shell, but unfortunately when it comes to new people or people I don't know I still have a hard time talking to them, and I don't do it on purpose, it's just one of my faults I have. Well, that's enough of a back story for today. What I want to do is make this wiki feel more inviting, so if you guys ever need to ask a question, want to know my opinion on something, or just to discuss with me about random topics, feel free to message me on my message wall. :)

BIA Lindsay

Lindsay's very happy you voted for her to win HNH! :)

Now onto activities, as you know Hurt N' Heal is our only activity that is currently running, and it has been our most popular activity too, because let's face it, it's a really fun activity IMO! :) Well, I have recently made a page (click on the link to Hurt N' Heal at the beginning of this paragraph to check out the page) that has our current, and past versions of HNH, I figure that it would be a nice feature to have, that way people can see how each one has went, and who all of the winners are so far, if they ever just want to find out. Of course you cannot vote on the page, but it does feature a link to each HNH game that we have had (click the title of the section to go to the blog), and the very last section is the winners section, where I have a picture of all of the winners, and which version they have won. Like I said I have the Current one on the page with a link to the blog (click section title), it has the contestants names in alphabetical order, but I will not update the elimination order until it has ended, for spoiler reasons. Due to the success of HNH, it will continue being an activity.

BIA Noah

Noah has been waiting for BB and CC to come back... but I think he's gone a little crazy while waiting.

Brutal Battles and Caption Contest were both successful activities, but were both put on hiatus, due to 1. Tommy and I both kept on forgetting to make a blog on Saturday's which ultimately we decided to just put them on hiatus and 2. We didn't really have many people of this wiki to do them. Well, I have decided to bring them back, I figure that this will help this wiki become more active, and plus they're both really fun activities. I already have plans for the next version of them, so this or next Saturday or Sunday (whichever day I am more free on) I am planning to restart them! (Yay!)

BIA Owen


As you may know, Tommy started a blog called Total Drama Comedy, but unfortunately he never finished the first story. However, it was successful and people really liked it. My other friend User:Drfizwuz997xlol and I both helped Tommy come up with ideas for the story and future plans of future stories. Well, like I said unfortunately the great idea was cancelled after one story. Well I have decided that I may (a big may) bring it back. The stories will be about the Total Drama cast just living their daily lives at home, or where ever the setting takes place, basically they're little sketches. However, instead of being called Total Drama Comedy, I'm thinking of renaming it Total Drama Sketches or Skits. This is, if I decide to do it, because I can be a busy person, so it depends what is going on in my personal life. If I do decide to do this activity, it will come out weekly, every other week, or maybe monthly.

I do need your opinion on the title so:

New title for TDC:

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BIA Sierra


Also, remember how this wiki was originally meant for Tommy's fanfiction? Well without him here, we cannot have a fanfiction, so basically until he returns this wiki will become a wiki with only activities, and short stories, if I decide to bring back TDC. ------> yep

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this blog, I appreciate it. :)