Brutal Battles!

Total Drama: Brutal Battles!

Welcome to Total Drama: Brutal Battles!. This is a weekly blog currently run by Bljones2013 and TotalDrama100 that forces two TD related things to fight to the death! Okay, maybe not that extreme, but you get what I mean. Anyways, this is an obvious ripoff of the TD Wiki's Wiki Wars run by TDIFan13 or Ryan. But he gave us permission, so let's get started!

Last week, the battle was between Gidgette! It ended in a close call, with the winner being Bridgette! Thanks to everyone that voted! This week, is a battle between two people of the popular Nerds! Both have good sized fan bases, and they are both strong contestants, with both of them making it all the way to the final five of Total Drama. Their names are Beth and Harold!

Farm Girl or Kung Fu Fighter? Girlfriend of a Male Model or the Ex Boyfriend of the Sista' with 'Tude? Who is your favorite of the two? You decide.

  • Do not vote more than once.
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